About us

In 2002, Gijs van der Linden in Utrecht started his own business, L.I.B. Businessgames B.V. The ‘L’ in L.I.B. stands for ‘Live’. This forms the basis of each game. With the live offline games there is always great ‘interaction’ between the participants. That at once explains the ‘I’. The ‘B’ stands for Business, given the fact that we always make a link to our customers’ operational practice. Live, Interaction and Business are at the core of every Business Game, whereby the participants themselves experience what they learn in a fun and interactive manner. In a nutshell: “Experience is your best teacher!”

In the 15 years we’ve been in business, we have developed to become one of the premier providers of live Business Games. With all our knowhow and experience, we can quickly react to and play on the needs of our customers. This means that we get more than half of our projects via word-of-mouth. A great compliment of course!

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The team

Machteld van de Vooren
Machteld van de VoorenManaging Director at Bizgames
Machteld has a degree in Psychology and Economics and has worked in different commercial and organisational positions for more than 15 years. She has worked with corporates and SME’s and knows the differences in organisational structure, operations and company-goals by experience. She has lead workshops and training sessions during the last
10 years of her career. Her background and skills make her the perfect trainer and facilitator for any type or organisation and department.
Machteld has been living and working in the Middle East for almost 5 years and was responsible for Business Games Middle East. Currently Machteld is in charge of Bizgames Germany.
Gijs van der Linden
Gijs van der LindenDirector at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V.
According to friends and acquaintances, my enthusiasm, creativity and entrepreneurship have made L.I.B. Businessgames what it now is.
At the beginning of 2001, I started developing my own management game model. At the beginning of 2002, I registered myself with the Chamber of Commerce as L.I.B. Businessgames. Anno 2018, my company sets the tone in the development and execution of live Business Games and that’s something I’m proud of!

Even now, I can still invest all my passion in dealing with my colleagues and customers, developing customized games, discovering new (international) markets and facilitating our Business Games. And….there’s still so much to do and discover!

Jetske den Boer
Jetske den BoerSenior Project Manager at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V.
As Senior Project Manager I work with enthusiasm and passion on developing customized games, while your needs, goals and business processes are always central. I use my creativity and experience with live gaming to convert your input into an unforgettable, energetic business game. This can, for example, be a game for onboarding purposes (introduction for new employees), recruiting the best candidates or as a kick-off for a new business process.
My personal goal is to always give the participants from your company an inspiring experience, in which they have both learned something and had fun. I am in fact convinced that pleasure and interaction are unmissable factors in the learning process.